Tuesday, April 2, 2013

New Lenses Added!

It's finally spring and the great weather will have many looking to get new circle lenses!

Just added to the Shop page, lenses by Princess Barbie brand. These are just the first batch of new lenses to be added over the coming weeks! Some of their other lenses are just as nice but don't come in prescription strength, so we're adding lenses with Rx first, just so they don't sell out before you can get yours.

Princess Barbie is a new brand of lenses from Korea. They have bright and bold colors with large sizes and pricing comparable to Geo or Besvue. Grab a pair today and see if you like them! As always, shipping is only $5 no matter how many pairs of lenses you buy, and you also get a tracking number so you know where your lenses are every step of the way.

Princess Barbie 
Wonderland Dream, Blue 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Pinsanity is Pintagous

Have you started using Pinterest yet? It's a fun site to share what you love, and explore what others like. Products, ideas, recipes, everything is being shared on Pinterest! I have recently stumbled across this little video that takes the Pinsanity to a whole new level!

Source: youtube.com via Maggie on Pinterest

Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Blog is Back!

If you've visited the site lately, you may have noticed that there were no new posts since January, and some of the pictures used had disappeared. This was all because I deleted an online album which contained all the pictures used in the blog. I have since found another album of mine with all the photos I needed, and so have restored the blog to it's former glory! I promise I'll actually keep up on updating it this time too.

To celebrate, I've added some new lenses for you to buy:

Now you can get Geo brand's Grang Grang lenses in Chocolate and Brown!

These lenses are beautiful, and will make your eyes practically glow. Their natural colour and large 15mm size will surely get you noticed. They even come in prescription strengths from -0.50 to -7.50 in .25 increments depending on availability. Order yours today!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pacific Mall Lenses

So I went on an excursion to Pacific Mall on Steeles today just to see what's new. 

 I got to see Santa's Kingdom!

While browsing the shops, I noticed how many were selling fake or off brand circle lenses.
In fact, most vendors who sold lenses at all had either all or mostly fake lenses. I only saw one vendor which only sold authentic Geo Medical brand circle lenses, but they were closed.

When buying lenses be careful. You often get exactly what you pay for, and can end up with a pair of fake lenses that will damage your eyes.

I decided to be sneaky and take photos of all the lenses I could find. Here's what I got...

First, notice the label. This is a discontinued label design that was only meant for distribution in China.

There are also no Geo authenticity check stickers on any of the vials.

You can also see that these labels have been applied by hand as they are not perfectly even. Geo's lenses are packaged mechanically and would all be exactly the same.

 Some vendors are even selling lenses with the labels removed.

Other vendors sell lenses with questionable stickers on top. Geo Medical's labels are not colour coded like these appear to be.

Don't trust your eyes to just any lenses. Only buy authentic Geo Medical circle lenses, or any other brand you trust. Do your own research and ask questions. It's important when buying something like circle lenses to be sure you can trust your supplier. This is why we at Toronto Circle Lenses are always bringing you the best deals on only authentic lenses!