Tuesday, April 2, 2013

New Lenses Added!

It's finally spring and the great weather will have many looking to get new circle lenses!

Just added to the Shop page, lenses by Princess Barbie brand. These are just the first batch of new lenses to be added over the coming weeks! Some of their other lenses are just as nice but don't come in prescription strength, so we're adding lenses with Rx first, just so they don't sell out before you can get yours.

Princess Barbie is a new brand of lenses from Korea. They have bright and bold colors with large sizes and pricing comparable to Geo or Besvue. Grab a pair today and see if you like them! As always, shipping is only $5 no matter how many pairs of lenses you buy, and you also get a tracking number so you know where your lenses are every step of the way.

Princess Barbie 
Wonderland Dream, Blue 


  1. Demand of Contact lenses among people is increasing day by day. I like to wear coloured contact lenses for enhancing my appearance.

  2. Solution-Lens shop has "BUY 2 GET 1 FREE" and free shipping offer and I got many lenses from them but I now want to buy for my Mom and they do not sell corrective lenses, do you know any website with corrective lenses and a good discount as this one ? It seems that no website has permanent Buy 2 Get 1 Free like them ? And Free shipping ? Thank you.