Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pacific Mall Lenses

So I went on an excursion to Pacific Mall on Steeles today just to see what's new. 

 I got to see Santa's Kingdom!

While browsing the shops, I noticed how many were selling fake or off brand circle lenses.
In fact, most vendors who sold lenses at all had either all or mostly fake lenses. I only saw one vendor which only sold authentic Geo Medical brand circle lenses, but they were closed.

When buying lenses be careful. You often get exactly what you pay for, and can end up with a pair of fake lenses that will damage your eyes.

I decided to be sneaky and take photos of all the lenses I could find. Here's what I got...

First, notice the label. This is a discontinued label design that was only meant for distribution in China.

There are also no Geo authenticity check stickers on any of the vials.

You can also see that these labels have been applied by hand as they are not perfectly even. Geo's lenses are packaged mechanically and would all be exactly the same.

 Some vendors are even selling lenses with the labels removed.

Other vendors sell lenses with questionable stickers on top. Geo Medical's labels are not colour coded like these appear to be.

Don't trust your eyes to just any lenses. Only buy authentic Geo Medical circle lenses, or any other brand you trust. Do your own research and ask questions. It's important when buying something like circle lenses to be sure you can trust your supplier. This is why we at Toronto Circle Lenses are always bringing you the best deals on only authentic lenses!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Lash Talk

We all want thick luxurious eyelashes, but sadly few of us are actually born with them. We do what we can to make our lashes look longer and thicker like applying black eyeliner...

  Unfortunately though, sometimes black eyeliner doesn't look quite right...

Then we apply our nice thick mascara. That should do the trick without being too overwhelming, right?

Perhaps if we spend a whole lot of money, we can get a descent result. There are other options such as getting eyelash extensions or transplants, and even dying eyelashes which is called eyelash tinting. The result?

Eyelash extensions can look unnatural, and cost from $100 - $500 USD to have done. Eyelash transplants can cost even more, and you'd have to keep trimming your lashes because they use your hair to transplant in to the follicle, so they keep growing!

Eyelash tinting can cause serious chemical burns or allergic reactions, but is more reasonably priced than extensions or transplants but... you could come out looking like the lady above. So, what's the best solution for those of us who want thick lashes, but don't want the risk or expense of procedures?

False lashes of course!

Falsies are easy to apply, and can look natural or dramatic, depending on which you buy. The best kind to start out with are the ones you get for less than $10 at the drug store because the lashes cost enough to be good quality, but don't cost so much you'd be scared to ruin them. Be sure to pick up some eyelash glue while you're at it.

Start by holding the lashes up to your eye to measure the length. You'll want them to start a little bit after your natural lashes do if you have dense but short eyelashes, or a little closer to the inside if you have sparse eyelashes. Trim off the excess length from the outer (longer) edge.

Some people apply their lashes after their makeup, but I find they end up peeling off when I do this. My tip is to start off by priming your eyelid with liquid foundation or concealer, then applying the lashes. I find the foundation keeps oils from loosening the glue, but doesn't stop the glue from sticking.

Some false lashes are on a stiff band, so be sure to wiggle the band a little to make sure it's flexible, or bend it to more closely match the contour of your eye. Apply a thin line of glue to the lashes. You want enough glue that you can see a solid line, but not globs of it. Wait just 15 - 30 seconds for the glue to firm up a tiny bit, then using tweezers, stick the lashes on starting at the outer edge. Try to make sure the corners are stuck down where you want them, then hold in place for at least 30 seconds.
Once you have them stuck on, wait a few minutes before going further. Maybe work on your lipstick or hair in the meanwhile to give the glue a chance to really set.

With just the lashes on, you may notice you have an obvious line where they end. This is easily fixed with a bit of liquid eyeliner. Just start where the lashes end, and go toward the corner of your eye. If your line is too thick you can lightly wet a cotton swab with either water, or a bit of baby/mineral oil and trace the upper edge of the line  until it's as thin as you like. Curl with your eyelash curler, apply a bit of mascara if you like, and that's it! 

Be sure to do all this after you put your circle lenses in though!! 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Super Size 17mm Circle Lenses

Circle lenses come in sizes ranging from 14 to 15 millimetres; the average iris is 13.8 millimetres in diameter. Now that circle lenses are becoming more popular worldwide, sellers are using different marketing techniques to draw in customers. One of these techniques is size confusion.

You may have seen ads that look like this:
17.5mm? That wouldn't hardly fit in your eye!

These lenses appear to be huge and as a first time buyer or to someone who's bought 14mm lenses and wasn't happy with the size, may seem fantastic. The problem is that there are no lenses that are truly larger than 15 - 15.5mm. This super large size is measured by flattening the lens; removing the curvature adds diameter. Circle lenses are measured by the manufacturer by their diameter subtracting the curvature. This is done by simply measuring the diameter of the lens as it sits and not flattening it. This causes slight differences in the reported sizes, and some may say a 14mm lens is 14.2mm but these slight differences are not intentional exaggerations like claims of 17.5mm lenses. Yes they are that wide, but only when flattened, with the curvature they may only be 15mm.

Don't be fooled by such simple marketing techniques. Don't use just any supplier's photos as a guide, instead use the photos of the lens in an actual person's eye as your guide. This way you'll see what your lenses will actually look like, not how some suppliers want you to see them!

Geo Angel in Green 14mm