If you'd like free shipping on your next order, just email us a few photos and a short review! Let our readers know your honest opinion , and your next order will be credited with free shipping! Who doesn't love free?
Be sure to include information such as:
What style of lens ordered
A photo of you wearing them! (it can be cropped to show just your eyes, or full face!)
What do you think of the lenses, are they comfortable?
What do you think of our customer service, ordering system, speed of order processing.

Our first review is from Alisha in Ontario. She writes:

I bought a pair of Geo Forest circle lenses in green from Toronto Circle Contact Lenses and I found the experience invigorating.  First, the information on the blog was so helpful in deciding what size and colour would work best for me.  I had asked questions about the circle lenses prior to buying them because I had heard so many rumours; the owner was so kind and willing to provide answers to my questions, going above and beyond.  The shipping was quite quick, almost exactly three weeks, as stated. I could track the package the entire way and the way it was shipped, trust me, the cases were not going to break with that much bubble wrap! lol.  I have gotten to wear the circle lenses a couple of times now and I love them, they look gorgeous and I have gotten comments almost everywhere I go.  The circle lenses don’t feel awkward, taking only a couple of minutes to get used to and they look so nice, natural almost. 
I can’t wait to buy the next pair, promo = free shipping on your next purchase if you leave a review! :)