Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Blog is Back!

If you've visited the site lately, you may have noticed that there were no new posts since January, and some of the pictures used had disappeared. This was all because I deleted an online album which contained all the pictures used in the blog. I have since found another album of mine with all the photos I needed, and so have restored the blog to it's former glory! I promise I'll actually keep up on updating it this time too.

To celebrate, I've added some new lenses for you to buy:

Now you can get Geo brand's Grang Grang lenses in Chocolate and Brown!

These lenses are beautiful, and will make your eyes practically glow. Their natural colour and large 15mm size will surely get you noticed. They even come in prescription strengths from -0.50 to -7.50 in .25 increments depending on availability. Order yours today!

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